"Wow!  The pyramid is truly dynamic!  I put it on the dining table and felt heat instantly from the apex area.  I took it to Stonehenge this morning and realized something extraordinary - and will repeat this - I placed the pyramid at the base of a stone I knew had been reset in concrete and over the past 20 years know its energy levels personally.  Boy!  Its energy shot up and I realized a beautiful truth and happening that the stone that had been reset and re-erected in concrete had a healing experience and alchemic change took place.  I have been there with many many healers but your pyramid is radiant and a great worker!  From my heart, a warm thank you for your insight, work and litethelight.  Amazing, loving and divine."  - Maria Wheatley, 2nd Generation Master Dowser, Avebury, England

"I recently purchased a small pyramid for a friend.  She's been RAVING about how many amazing experiences she's had since receiving the pyramid... from her 10 & 7 year old sons getting along and being calmer to being guided around bad traffic and weather.  She brings it room to room and even in the car with her.  Now let me tell you, this friend is a super conscious healer goddess so for her world to be improved, I am blown away!" - Bobbi, North Carolina

"Dear Michelle, I am very happy to write in support of your wonderful Orgonite pyramids. I am incredibly impressed but the quality and design and sheer attention to detail that your pyramids are imbued with.  I was delighted to see that the activating Crystal was placed with the point in the uppermost and the Tesla coil was connecting the crystal.  Also in the base of the pyramid were more crystals and the activating metal additions, because of this your pyramids really do work unlike so others which are just pretty but have no beneficial output.  In conclusion I heartily recommend your pyramids to anyone who wishes to improve the energies around them!"  -  Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness, United Kingdom

"Essentially, the products you create, resonating at the frequencies of stones of various types, create a harmonic resonance that would naturally fall into the harmonic range of the Schumann  Resonance (approx 7.89Hz) range of the earth and therefore, the field(s) created by your products have a harmonizing effect on the etheric (earth) field of any living organism.  Such fields are "primal organizing forces" and are in many ways, the basis of biological information fields; all our bodies or the products of the stones!  The center of every start burning and shining light is ... stone...  Therefore, sunlight is "stone light", creating a biological "life-circuit" through which intangible CONSCIOUSNESS emerges as self-sentient, self conscious life from single celled organisms all the way to complexities of humans and higher animal forms such as dolphins and whales...

My position from my own research with stones, stone water chargers, and related has shown me that harmonizing effects on water, when consumed, become harmonizing effects in a living organism; water is what creates a living biological life-circuit between inanimate and animate life; just as a battery without wires won't connect "life current" into an electrical device, self-consciousness can't occur in a living organism without water because there is not transfer medium with which to nourish the growth of biochemical transformation needed to take a stone (inanimate) into the field of life as plant, animal, or man.  Since water holds and expresses all such frequencies, your devices are essentially "water harmonizers, informers and programmers", potentially aiding the body in the management of a wide variety of destructive stressors."

Paul Chek, Founder, C.H.E.K Institute, San Diego

"It releases the bad energy and puts in the good energy and it makes your feet relax and you warm up and every bad thing leaves your body and it heals your heart."  Hudson, Los Angeles - 6 years old

"I work with acupuncture and honestly I have been able to settle patients down almost immediately into a parasympathetic experience.  This relaxation is where all healing happens.  It is a gift to work with Michelle's orgone crystals.  It creates a synergistic and powerful feeling for my patients during their treatments."  -  Dr. Andrea Romero, Florida

Patient Experiences:

"I felt waves of energy moving through my body, from head to toe."  -  Vadreana

"I slept the longest I have slept in 20 years"  - Colleen

"I feel at peace."  -  Daniel

"Heavy, still, relaxed."  - Michael

"The Emerald pyramid arrived.  it's unbelievably powerful and beautiful!  Your work brings much joy and significant energy.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  Blessings!"  - Vesna, Canada

"Hi Michelle, I was learning with Maria Wheatley yesterday about the Biris Biometer.  I found a number of places around the house with sub optimal vibrational frequencyy levels.  She suggested I place your pyramid near the spot and wait a while.  Within five minutes it moved the meter into the healthy range.  It happened all over the house converting harmful energy into healing energy dramatically.  I thought you should know.  Thank you."  -  Mark, New York

"The pyramids arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous!!! The beauty of each of these pyramids brightens every room in my home and the best part is all the positive energy they give.  I can say for the first tim in my life I no longer have been suffering from insomnia, headaches- migraines, and low moods which is something I have experienced since I was a kid.  The only thing that has changed in the last few months is surrounding myself with these pyramids, it must be them working :)  It feels like this energy from your pyramids has been missing from my life this whole time and this beautiful familiar energy some how has returned.  Your the best, thanks so much for your beautiful creations."  -  Renee, Canada


"Things are getting better and I wanted to tell you that your orgone pyramid by far is the best pyramid I have (I have like 4 pyramids in both bigger and smaller sizes from other retailers). I don't know how you do it but the pyramid radiating good feelings.  Usually I keep it close to my chest or stomach for best feeling.  Don't get me wrong, the other pyramids are good as well off! but not the same power like yours.  Hard to explain."  - Marcus, Sweden

"Hi Michelle.  I want to thank you again and say how happy I was to find your energetically clear orgone art.  I have tested similar art objects from dozens of sources and not until now have I found one that was clear and balanced.  And, your creations are the first I have wanted to own.  They are beautiful.  All in all, it was a super treat to find you."  -  Jeff Whittaker, Wellsong Energetics

"My favorite thing about the pendants is that they multi-task so well between gorgeous pieces of jewelry and very powerful mediation tools.  Having the crystals used in the orgone recipe gives me a medium to enjoy crystal energy successfully!  I know the carefully selected and cleansed stones makes a HUGE difference.  Having several pendants now, each has it's now unique personality and energy output!  It's truly been a joy finding your shop - Thanks Michelle!"  - Robyn, Florida

"I wanted to let you know, I have never slept as good as I have this past week.  9 solid hours without waking up and felling totally rested in the morning.  Thank you!  - Tanya, Ontario Canada

"I received the pyramid today and it arrived in excellent condition.  It is gorgeous.  I cannot believe how much this pyramid has affected my wife, son and myself.  We all experienced and continue to experience lucid dreaming after I "Sun" charged the pyramid per your guidelines.  I also do not feel as drained as I did working for long periods on my computer.  The immediate energy is very positive."  -John, Virginia 

"Thank you so much for my pyramid.  It's so beautiful and I love the rainbow crystal in the middle.  It just brought a wish of energy, like a new sweep of energy.  The energy is a lot stronger and clear white energy around it but you can feel it was made and infused with love."  - Corrine, UK

"My kids say they've got 'special powers' from their pyramids, and my 5 year old who has been having night terrors since last October, as been sleeping through the night since we placed the malachite pyramid in his room.  It may be a complete coincidence, but I think they are very special.  Thank you so much."  -Natalie, Canada

"I'm floored by the piece you made for me...  Deeply healing, expansive and loving.  I was taken to healing chamber where my upper chakras (above head) were clearly activated.  I'm changed...  Truly blessed!"  - Love, Tauheedah, Tarzana, CA

"Thank you so much for this Brazilian Quartz.  It has brought more peace, tranquility, and joy into my home."  -  Kalen, OR

I asked a colleague to gather some friends and experiment with one of the Lite the Light mandala plates.  This is a custom order piece, please contact me if you are interested.   I have personally experienced some of the same energetic attributes with the pyramids. Here are some results:

"We have a small room in the back that was used.  The person sat on a chair with their shoes off, some also had socks off but not all.  I first talked to the group and told them about our discussion last tuesday and they were anxious to try.

Lillian:  First a little background.  Lillian has diabetes plus a problem with the nerves in her feet and with the diabetes and an eye problem.  Here is what she reported:  When she sat down she could feel (energy for lack of a better word) going through her feet, she also heard the word feet, then it proceeded to her spine and she heard the word spine.  Lillian was trying to direct it to a particular spot but she felt it go to her eyes and remain there working on her eyes.  We had a time limit of 15 minutes so there may have been more input.  From now on we won' have a time limit rather we will let the person decide when they are done.  Lillian said she would come early to the next class.  Obviously she was impressed.

INSERT  "Lillian came in again (2 days later) and sat like she did on the first time with her feet on the plate.  First things first, I should tell you that as I stated before, she has a nerve condition and does not have any feeling in her feet.  When she came in she told me that she now has a little feeling for the first time in 18 years.  Today the feeling stayed in her feet then it moved up her left left to her hip and remained there.  Lillian told us later that she had hurt her left leg three times this summer!"

Barbara:  Barbara felt the energy move through her and it began releasing stuck emotions.  She was in tears when I went in to get her.  Barbara has been already working through a lot of emotional issues and this helped release some of them.

Lindy:  Lindy has been having some issues with tightness in her lungs and chest area and felt that being released.  She was so impressed that she called a friend and had her come in and experience this.

Wayne:  He could feel a tingling throughout his body that moved up and through the crown chakra.  

Genie:  Genie is a healer and here is what she had to say:  heat sensation on bottom of feet in a spiral.  first felt "cooties" (her word) flying off from her 3rd eye and right ear, then a rushing of energy leaving my body felt like water fountain then dark purple filled the area and a lot of energy movement.

Linda:  Sat in mediation.  She said she had a twinge in her back and when she got up it was gone.  She wants to do this again.

All I can say is WOW.  Everyone wants to experience this again.  I have told them to just stop by anytime.  More to come.

Many Blessings."  - Alma, Sandpoint, ID

"Received my pyramids/crystals yesterday and I'm in love.  Thank you so much!  Your work is beautiful."  - Nathan B, Spokane, WA

"I have to tell you that your orgonites are the only ones that really resonate with me.  I have seen others but they don't have the strength and coherence that yours have.  They are so beautiful.  Thank you for making them!" -Amanda, Los Angeles