Crystals + Minerals


Crystals + Minerals

"In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we can not understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being."  -  Tesla

SPIRIT SCIENCE 13~The Crystal  Movie    (click for link)

AGATE - Gaia, Cerridwen, Aurora, Nyx - Stone of Harmonization -  Mental Concentration - Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Balance - Excellent Feng Shui Stone - Peace, Harmony & Courage - Auric Cleansing - Eliminates & Transforms Negativity - Boosts Communication - Crown Chakra

AGATISED (PETRIFIED) WOOD - Stone of Transformation, Patience, Self-Will, Grounding.  Calms Survival Fears, Strength, support, Insight, Assists in Advancement to Highest Chosen Level, Change to Fruition, Foreverness, Excellent for Leaders, Strengthens Spiritual & Physical Backbone

AMAZONITE - Moon Goddess Diana - Egyptian Holy Stone - Stone of Courage, Self Respect, Confidence, Self Assuredness, Grace - Calm - Protects Against EMF, Assists in Manifesting Universal Love, Links Brain + Intuition, Balances Masculine & Feminine Energies, Attracts Money Luck, Stimulates Creativity + Arts, Opens Heart & Throat Chakra

AMETHYST - ArchAngels Azrael & Jeremiel, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Kuthumi - Stone of Protection/Spirituality/Contentment, Quickens the Mind, Cleansing, Healing, Calming, Bringer of Peace, Transformation, Known as the Stone of Change, Breaks up old Thought & Assists in Psychic Openings, Inner Strength, Increases Psychic Powers, Detoxification, Sixth & Seventh Chakra

ANGEL AURA - Quartz/Silver/Platinum - Stone of High Spiritual Energy - Protects, Balances, Brings Energetic Health to Aura - Assists Kundalini Energy - Use in Meditation/Communication with Angels, Spirit Guides & Other Teachers - Assists in Accessing Akashic Records, Higher Self & Inner Wisdom - Miracles - Brings Peace & Tranquility - Crown Chakra 

APATITE - ArchAngel Ariel - Stone of Manifestation - Blue: Connects One to very High Level of Spiritual Guidance - Creates Spiritual State of Unconditional Love - Assists Release of what no longer Serves - Access the Energy Levels of Akashic Records & Soul Patterns, Linked to Appetite Suppression - Throat Chakra

APOPHYLLITE PYRAMID - Stone of Truth & Akashic Records - Energy Transmitter - Creates Conscious Link between Physical & Spiritual - Enhances Clear Sight/Scrying - Calms, Releases Mental Blockages - Strengthens Physical Connection when Journeying Out of Body - Attunes the logical Mind to Spirit - Excellent for Eye Health - Brings Light & Energy to the Heart - Third Eye Chakra

AQUA AURA - Quartz/Gold/Aqua Marine  -  ArchAngel Raziel - Stone of Spiritual Elevation - Protection from Psychic Attacks & Other Drains -  Activates Soul Energy - Stimulates Psychic Gifts - Attracts Wealth & Success Cleans & Heals Aura - Raises Vibration of Humanity - Accentuates Other Stones, Enhances Communication & Self Awareness - Calms Emotions - Connects Higher Chakras to One's Spirit - All Chakras

AQUA MARINE - ArchAngel Gabriel & Raguel, Sea Goddess - Stone of Courage - Clarifies Perception - Sharpens Intellect - Useful for Closure on All Levels Good Luck, Fearlessness, Protection - Moon Energies - Mystical Inspiration - Opens Clairvoyance - Shields the Aura & Aligns Chakras - Throat Chakra

ARAGONITE - Earth Healer Stone, Grounding, Attuned to Earth Goddess, Transitions "geopathic" Stress Areas & Clears blocked Ley Lines - even at a distance Stabilizes Earth's Chakras, Steadies Spiritual development, Comfort, Patience, Acceptance  -  Can be placed on map to help Stress Lines in Earth

ARKANSAS QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Merlin, Kuthumi, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone - Arkansas Crystals are known around the World for their Steady, Powerful Energy - Potent, Robust, Consistent / Absorbs Stores, Releases & regulates Energy - Draws off all kinds of negative Energy - Including Environmental - Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes - Stimulates Immune System / All Chakras

ASTROPHYLLITE - Rare - Stone of Unlimited Potential - Guide and Protector in other Realms - Activates the Ability to "Dream True" - Dissolves unwarranted Guilt - Enhances Intuition & Decisiveness - Assists Meditation - Develops Spiritual & Intellectual Strengths -Crown Chakra

AVENTURINE - ArchAngel Raphael , Ganesh, Kwan Yen, Devic Kingdom - Stone of Luck!  - Stone of Manifesting Prosperity and Wealth - Creativity, Motivation, Perseverance - Assists in Releasing that which no longer Serves - Leadership - Calms Emotions - Positive Effect of Psyche - Brings opportunity, Adventure, Fun & Humor - Heart Chakra

AZURITE - Kuthumi, Guardian Angel(s) - Stone of Heaven - Blue Ray - Truth - Atlantean & Egyptian Psychic Stone / Opens Mind, Stimulates Intellect , Inner Vision & Dream Enhancement - Connects with Sacred Powers / Trust, Faith, Patience, Respect and Sincerity / Highly Conductive Tool for Mediation / Third Eye & Throat Chakras

BLACK AMETHYST - Uruguay - Stone of Unity - Powerful & Protective Crystal / Enhances Spiritual Awareness & Spiritual Wisdom, Promoting Higher Consciousness - Clears and Repairs holes in Aura and Draws in Divine Energy - Rejuvenates Healers - Brings Light and Daring into Oneness  - Assists Astral Travel - Emotionally Grounding - Breaks through dense blockages - Environmental Clean Up - Opens and Activates the Crown Chakra

BLACK JASPER -ArchAngels Haniel & Sandalphon, Gaia - Highly Protective Energy, Supreme Nurturer, Aligns Chakras + Balances Yin/Yang.  Stabilizing & Healing.  Touchstone for Determining "Value" "Rain Bringer" Stimulates the Imagination & Transforms Ideas into Action, Provides Courage to tackle problems.  Good for Personal, Sacred, & Ritual Spaces.  Clears Electromagnetic & Environmental Pollution - Root Chakra

BLACK TOURMALINE Kuthumi - Talisman of Protection - Psychic Shield - Shamanic Stone of Protection in Ritual - Grounding - Enhances Understanding - Increases Self-Confidence, Amplifies Psychic Energies, Neutralizes Negative Energies, Fear, Grief - Stone for Communication with Higher Forces - Absorbs Negativity - Aligns Energetic Channels in the Body - Healing - Root Chakra

BLOODSTONE - ArchAngel Chamuel - Powerful Healing Stone, Mystical Stone - controlling weather, banishing evil, directing spiritual - Heightens Intuition, Increases Creativity, Excellent Grounding & Protecting, Assists in Bringing Spiritual into Everyday Life, Calms Mind- Dispels confusion, Assists to Act in Present Moment, Grounds Heart Energies, Excellent Detoxifies

BRAZILIAN CRACKLE QUARTZ - Brazilian Quartz Super Heated & Energy Infused - Life Enhancing, Energy Expanding Qualities - Promotes Fun and Joy - Responsibility for one's Feelings - Heals Broken or Damaged Heart Center - Supports Cellular Memory - Links Solar Plexus with Heart Chakra

CACOXENITE - Stone of Ascension - Heightens Spiritual Awareness - Meditation - Past Life Regression Helping to get to Core of Past Life Issues that Need Resolution - Harmonizes Will with Higher SelfExcellent Earth Gridding Stone -  Activates 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras

CALCITE - Stone of Humanity - Native American Holy Stone - bestowed as a gift by the Gods - Amplifies and Increases Energy - Protection - Grounding - Bringer of Inner Peace 

Blue:  Calming Stone - Brings Stability - Trustin in Oneself - Memory Enhancing - Excellent for Students

Clear:  Amplifies Images to help one see Double Meanings Hidden in Common Communication

White:  Improves Memory- Supports Healing through Visualization - Astral Travel with Protection - Increases Body/Mind Connection

Green:  Money Drawing - Increase Success, Prosperity and Fertility of All kinds - Stone of Manifestation

Yellow:  Stimulate the Intellect, Personal Power and Self Worth 

Orange:  Balance Emotions, Removes Fear, Overcome Depression - Dissolve Blocks standing in your way of Achieving your highest Potential

Red:  Stability - Inner Strength - Attracts Love

Pink Manganocalcite:  The "Reiki Stone" - Calming Stone - Heals the Heart Chakra - Fills the Heart with Universal and Self-Love 

Violet:  Soothing/Calming - Assists with the Grieving Process

Gray:  Brings Calm and Peacefulness - Helps to detach from Chaos - Eases the impact of Karmic Issues 

Black:  Relieves Depression, Heartbreak and Anxiety - Light at the End of the Tunnel - Renewal and Rejuvenation

CARNELIAN - ArchAngel Chamuel, St. Germain - Power Stone, Confidence, Motivation, Concentration, Compassion, Courage, Self-Esteem.  The Survivor's Stone.  Protects from all Negative emotions.  Most Powerful Action Stone for Focusing, Realization & Self-Actualization.  In the Moment Stone, Grounds Energy & Attention in Present.  Solar Plexus Chakra

CELESTITE - Mother Mary, Angelic Realm - Connection to Celestials - Divine Energy - Powerful Healer - Stone of Peace & Calm - Harmony, Balance, Courage, Divine Intuition - Dreamtime Recall - Higher Realms Meditation - Crown, High Crown, Third Eye & Throat Chakras

CHALCEDONY - Nurturing Stone, Promotes Brotherhood, Goodwill, Assists Telepathy, Powerful Cleanser of Energy & Physical Body, Instills Feelings of Benevolence & Generosity, Eases Self Doubt, Creates Openness & Enthusiasm, Absorbs & Dissipates Negative Energy, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras

CHALCOPYRITE / PEACOCK ORE - Master Hilarion, Merlin - Stone of the Mystic.  Abundance, Joy, Happiness, Self Confidence.  Gain Deeper Spiritual Understanding, Excellent for Meditation, Assists in Right Action.  DNA Repair, Protection of Healers.  Strong Healing for Physical Body.  Third Eye Chakra, Clears Blockages at Crown Chakra

CHRYSOCOLLA - Master Hilarion, Kuthumi - Stone of Tranquility - Invokes Inner Strength & Self Awareness - Draw off All kinds of Negativity - Stabilizes + Heals Relationships - Assists with serenity during Change - Cleanses & re-Energizes All Chakras, Aligning them with the Divine - Draws negativity out of Solar Plexus - Opens Third Eye Chakra - Heals Heart Chakra - Increases Capacity to Love

CHRYSOPRASE - ArchAngel Haniel - Stone of Compassion - Attracts New Love, Prosperity and Joy, Centeredness - Courage to Face Difficult Situations - Regeneration - Brings Universal Energy - Heart and & Sacral Chakras 


CITRINE - ArchAngel Raphael, Sekhmet  - One of only two minerals on the Planet which does not hold or accumulate negative Energy, but dispels and Transforms it.  Brings Happiness, Personal Power, Creativity, Discipline, Will Power, Self Confidence.  Light Citrine is Sun Energy - Good in Winter.  Lucky Stone for Wealth & Abundance, Especially good for starting a new business.  Prepares the Body, emotions & Mind to Release what No Longer serves & Move into Next higher State.  2nd Chakra

SMOKY CITRINE - ArchAngel Raphael, Sekhmet - Rare - Stone of Expansion - Enhances Metaphysical Abilities, Grounding them in Everyday Function - Removes Blockages from Spiritual Paths - Clears Beliefs and Thought Forms that keep poverty consciousness active - Purifies the Etheric Blueprint - Does not Hold Negative Energy - No need to Clear - Aligns Earth Chakra with Solar Plexus

DBL TERMINATED QUARTZ  -  ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone - Stone of Balance - Radiates Energy at Both Ends Simultaneously - Bridges the Integration of  Spirit a& Matter - One of the Most Powerful & Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet - Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - Including Environmental - Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes - Assists in Breaking up Old Patters - Placed on Third Eye Enhances Telepathy - All Chakras 

ELESTIAL QUARTZ  -  Soul Path Stone, Links to Divine and Higher Planes, Opens Metaphysical Gifts, Extreme High Vibration Stone for Spiritual Evolution, Facilitates Karmic Release Causing Core Soul Healing, Emotional Catalyst - Soul Star & High Crown Chakras

SMOKY ELESTIAL - Outstanding Purifier - Pulls negativity out of Environment and Self Replacing it with Protective, Vibrant Light - Reduces Geopathic Stress, Excellent for Gridding

EMERALD - Sananda, Master Hilarion, Goddess Venus - Stone of Love, Romance & Great Harmony -Brings Joy, Cleansing, Clairvoyance, Memory & Faith - Symbol of Hope - Stone of Prophecy - Intuition, Communication, Truthfulness - Faithfulness - Imparts Wisdom - Heart Chakra

FLUORITE - ArchAngel Chamuel, Master Hilarion - Stone of TRUTH, Consciousness, Aura Cleansing, Intellect, Protection - Boosts Immune System, Stimulates the Regeneration of Cells

Green Fluorite - Heart Chakra

Purple Fluorite -  Arch Angel Azrael - Third Eye Chakra

FUCHSITE - The Healer's Stone.  Used by Ancient Healers & Shamans.  Ensures Healer Will Not Surrogate the Responsibility of Other's Healing.  Channels Information on Holistic & Herbal remedies.  Increases energy of Other Crystals, Radiant Energy Aids in Accessing Information from the Universal Mind - via Intuition.  Heart & Throat Chakra

GARNET - ArchAngel Raphael - Stone of Passionate Devotion, Wholeness, Healing, Unity.  Lucky in Love, Success & Goals - Regenerating Stone, Cleansing and Reenergizing of the Chakras - Serenity - Protective Talisman - Stimulates the Controlled Rise of Kundalini Energy - Stone of Commitment - Brings Courage + Hope - Expands Awareness & Past Life ReCall -Stimulates - Metabolism- Cubic Structure Amplifies Effects of other Crystals

ALMANDINE GARNET - Scarlet Red or Muted Earth tones of brown - Spiritual Stone of Psychic Protection - Intimately Tied to the Earth - Protection an Unyielding Strength - Increase Willpower and Resistance to Negativity - Base, Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras

SPESSARTINE GARNET - Rare - Garnet of the Sun - Dark Gold, Orange, Scarlet, Deep Red - Activates Analytical Capabilities - Provides Confidence - Awakens Creative Energies & Strengthens One's Will - Sacral, Solar Plexus Chakras

GOLDEN HEALER LEMURIAN:  Lemurian/Brazil -  Carries Divine Essences of All That IS - Master Healing Power - High Concentration of Universal Life Force - Qi* - Opens Alta Major Chakra - Guiding Light for Higher Self - Christ Consciousness - Golden Ray - Creates a Multi-Dimensional Energy Grid around the Planet - Restores Whole System to Optimum Functioning - Joy - Facilitates Profound Change in Life - All Chakras

HEMATITE - ArchAngel Uriel - Stone of Protection, Balance & Equilibrium - Absorbs Negativity - Transforms Positivity - Releases Limitation, Aids Ascension - Protects against geo-pathic stress & electromagnetic smog - Excellent detoxifying stone - Assists Light Workers to function in Physical - All Chakras, Especially Solar Plexus + Root Chakra

HERKIMER DIAMOND - Stone of High Energy Attunement - Magnifies and Influences All Other Stones - Brings Light into Dark places - High Spiritual Stone - Corrects Imbalances in RNA/DNA - Stimulates Clairvoyance and Clairaudience/Telepathy -  Assists in Building Dimensional Doorways and Sacred Space - Strength Enhancement - Increases Light Energy for the Body - Excellent at clearing EMF, Radioactivity, Geopathic Stress, Grid Work - Power Stone for Careers - Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras

HIMALAYAN QUARTZ CRYSTAL - ArchAngel Michael - Master Healing Stone - One of the Rarest Most Treasured + Powerful Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet - Om Vibration, Superior Crystal for Meditation, Access Ancient Wisdom of the East - Absorbs, Stores, Releases, regulates Energy - Draws off negative Energy - (Environmental) - Balances, & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, emotional & Spiritual Planes - Stimulates Immune System - All Chakras

IOLITE - Stone of Vision - Stimulates Connection to Inner Knowing - Used as a Shamanic Stone for Jouneying out the Body - Clears Thought Forms - Releases Psychological causes for Additions - Reduces Fatty Deposits and Supports Detoxification - Kills Bacteria - Activates the 3rd Eye when All Chakras are Aligned

KUNZITE - ArchAngels Raphael & Michael, St Germain, Master Hilarion - High Spiritual & Vibrational Stone - Awakens Heart to Unconditional Love - Centering Stone - Radiates Peace - Encourages Humility & Service - Protection - Dispels Negativity - Shields Aura from Negative Thoughts and Entities - Clears Emotional Debris - Blocks Geopathic Stress Including cellphone radiation - Activates Heart Chakra and Aligns it with Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras

KYANITE (Blue) - Ganesh - Stone of Soul Path And Integrity - Extremely Light and Fast Vibration that Activates the Higher Chakras and Illumined Mind - Deep Meditation - Heals Etheric Blueprint - Enhances telepathic Communication - Brings Harmony and Unconditional Love to a Partnership

KYANITE (Black) - Ganesh - Stone of Karma Witnessed - Enables Access and Manifestation of Current Soul Plan - Mental Cleansing - Transmutes Pollution - Connects Cells to Divine Blueprint - Aligns Chakras  

LABRODORITE - Stone of Transformation, Clears, Balances, Protects the Aura.  Attracts Success, Used in Dream Recall, Mystically Reduces Energies of stress & Anxiety.  Increases Intuition, Psychic Development, Solar Plexus &  Brow Chakra

LAPIS LAZOLI - Stone of Protection, Intuition & Self Knowledge.  Stimulates Clarity - Inspires to Speak One's Truth, Guards Against Psychic Attacks - Boosts Immune System, Cleanses Organs & Purifies Blood, Third Eye & Throat Chakras

LASER QUARTZ - ArchAngels Michael & Raziel, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Stone of Light - Used in Targeted, Precision Healing (limit time) - Psychic Surgery Crystal  - Protection - Auric and Chakra Cleansing Tool - Dissolves negativity and blockages - Lemurian and Atlantean Record Access - All Quartz Qualities:  Master Healing Crystal - One of Most Powerful Healing Crystals on the Planet - Releases and Regulates Energy - including Environmental.  Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes.  Stimulates Immune System.  All Chakras

LEMURIAN (Sacred Lemurian) SEED CRYSTAL - Master Crystal - Stone of Oneness, Remembering Who You Really Are, Provides a Bridge to Higher frequencies, Emits Pure Love, Universal Life Force, Enhances Intuition, Energy Work, Chakra Clearing & Clearing of Energy Blockages, Aids Spiritual Evolution, Angelic Realm, Record Keeper, Crown & Solar Star Chakra

PINK SACRED LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTAL - Stone of the Pink Flame - Attuned to Unconditional & Compassionate Love- Assists in Removing Emotional Karma + Debris in Heart Chakra & Emotional Body- Dissolves lower Heart-Energy imprints for Lemuria or Atlantis - Emotional Independence - Purifies Vibrational State to Bring in Universal Love- Activates LightBody Heart Chakra

LEPIDOLITE -  Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm - Stone of Transition, Highest Good, Aids in Shamanic & Spiritual Journeying,  Akashic Record Access, Hope in Dark Times - Dream Recall, Restructures DNA, Facilitates Astral Travel, Stress Reduction, Self Sovereignty, Dispenses negativity, Must be Used for Highest Good - Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

MALACHITE  -  ArchAngel Raphael, Kuthumi - Stone of Transformation  - Power Stone - Amplifies both negative and positive energies - Grounds spiritual energies onto the Earth - Guards against Radiation of all kinds - Clears EMF's and Heals the Earth - Assists in receiving mental images from the subconscious - Increases Intellect and Understanding - Stone of Travel - Psychic Protection - Throat & Third Eye Chakra

MICA/GOLDEN MICA  -  Reflection & Self Awareness - Improves Vision and Clarity of Mysticism - Gently Increases Psychic Abilities - Protects against negativity - Balances Earth Energies - Helps with Insomnia, Concentration and Memory - Sun Energy - Stabilizing Energy - Mental Clarity + Willpower - Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

MOLDAVITE  -  Gaia, Persphone  -  Stone of Intense Frequency and Vibration, Cosmic Consciousness - Expansion Inner Journeys - Dimensional Travel Channeling - Crystal Consciousness Enhances Psychic Gifts - Kundalini - Contact with Spirit Guides - Deep Peace - Heart, Third Eye, Crown Chakras

MOONSTONE - ArchAngel Gabriel, Haniel - Stone of the Goddess, Strengthens Psychic Intuition, Brings Balance & Harmony to All, Reflective, Calming, Assists in Flow of Life, Love Drawing, Gently Protective, Gives Wealth & Gift of Prophecy, Opens Gateway to Subconscious - 2nd Chakra, 6th Chakra - Balances 4th Chakra

MORGANITE - Stone of Acceptance - Angel & Heart Stone - Assists in Communication with Angels - Compassion -  Brings Love to One's Life - Compassion, Empathy, Self Control, Patience - Brings Sense of Equality into All Types of Relationships - Aphrodisiac for Love - Heart Chakra 

NEPHRITE JADE - Kwan Yin, Buddha, Maar, Freyja - Jade - Stone of the 5 Virtues of Humanity, Wisdom, Compassion, Justice, Modesty and Courage - Dream Stone, Calming - Banishes Negative Influences & Assists in Releasing Negative Thoughts - Encourages Longevity & Prosperity - Peace through Tranquility - Creativity - Protection and Healing Powers - Heart Chakra

OBSIDIAN - ArchAngel Uriel - Stone of Limitlessness, Truth Enhancing - Merciless in Illumination of Flaws, Weakness, and Imbalances - Protecting - Grounding - Blocks Negativity and Geo-Pathic Stress - Stimulates and Urges Growth on All Levels - Extremely Powerful + Can Be Overwhelming - Handle with Care

OPAL  -  Emotional Stone - Brings Full Spectrum Light Energy to the System - Encourages Freedom and Independence - Loyalty, Faithfulness, Spontaneity - Enhances Cosmic Consciousness - Stimulates Intuition - Increases Psychic & Mystical Visions - Helps Release Anger - Brings Traits and Characteristics up to the Surface to be Transformed - Karmic Stone, Receiving what One puts Forth 


OPTICAL CALCITE - ArchAngel Sandalphon - Viking Navigational Stone, Spiritual Awareness, Self Love, Worthiness - Amplifies Images to Help See Double Meanings Hidden in Common Communication - Heals Sight, Promotes Macrocosmic Awareness + Reverence for Creative Forces of Nature - Energy Amplifier - Helps One Recall Information on other Levels - Powerful Detoxifies for Physical + Energetic, Piezoelectricity - Pineal Gland Resonance, Clears and Activates All Chakras & Etheric Field

ONYX - Facilitates Being Master of One's Destiny - Memory Keeper - Centers and Aligns Energy with Higher Power - Strength Giving - Access to Higher Guidance - Vigor, Steadfastness, Stamina - Useful in Past-Life Work - Calms the Mental Body - Balances Yin/Yang Energies within the Body

PEARL - ArchAngel Gabriel - Connects One with the Goddess / Divine Feminine.  Balances Emotions, Promotes Faith, Charity & Integrity.  Absorbs Negativity.  Heals All Chakras

PERIDOT - ArchAngel Raziel, Raphael, Sabrael & Zadkiel, Lakshmi, Pele - Stone of Healing & Vitality - Increases Patience, Confidence, Assertiveness - Slows the Aging Process - Stimulates the Mind - Visionary Stone - Connects to One's Destiny - Deepens Understanding of Purpose - Clears the Heart - Releases Ego - Enhances Sense of Peace and Quiet - Amplifies Intuitive Awareness - Alleviates Negative Emotions - Especially Good for Healing the Healers - Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras

PINK QUARTZ - ArchAngel Chamuel & Haniel -  Master Healing Stone - Brings a Soothing Calm - Promotes Beautiful Dreams - Opens Receptivity to Beauty & the Arts - Value of One's Own Unique Spirit and Path - Reparation of Trauma - Nurtures and Revitalizes Love both Romantic and Unconditionally - Compassion - Divine Love - Tolerance - Quartz: One of the most Powerful & Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet. Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy-including Environmental.  Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes. Heart, High Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

PINK TOURMALINE - ArchAngel Chamuel - This Stone Draws Love and Friendship - Channel to Connect with Spirit Guides - Happiness, Objectivity, Compassion, Serenity, Balance, Positive Transformation, Healing, Strength & Understanding - Increases Self-Confidence & Self Love, Amplifies Psychic Energies - Neutralizes Negative Energies, Fear, Grief - Communication with Higher Forces - Water Element

PREHNITE  -  ArchAngel Raphael - Stone of Unconditional Love, Crystal to Heal the Healer, Enhances Visualization - Deepens Meditation, Universal Energy Grid Access Crystal,  Attuned to Divine Energies, Seals Auric Field in a Protective Shield of Divine Energies, Inner Knowing, Calms Environment, Excellent Feng Shui Stone - De-clutters, Harmony with Nature and Elementals, Third Eye Chakra 

PYRITE - Stone of Earth & Fire Energies, Promotes Honest Communication.  Emotional & Physical Protection.  Self Confidence.  Stone of Wealth Magic & Assisting Manifestation. Shield-Stone.  Root Chakra

QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone, One of the most Powerful & Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet.  Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - including Environmental.  Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes.  Stimulates Immune System.  All Chakras

Arkansas Quartz:  Know around the World for Steady, Powerful Energy - Potent, Robust, Consistent

Brazilian Quartz:  Said to be the Most Powerful & Energetic healing Stone on the Planet.  Surgical Precision as far as Energy.  Stimulates Immune System

Himalayan / Tibetan Quartz:  One of the Rarest, Most Treasured + Most Powerful Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet.  superior Crystal for Meditation.  Access Ancient Wisdom of the East.  Attuned to Om Vibration

RED QUARTZ - Stone of Action.  Powerful Physical, Mental and Spiritual Energy Aid.  Transformation/Growth/Fearlessness. Need Path. Vitality.  Dynamic Healing Tool. Base Chakra  

RHODIZITE - Shamans of Madagascar - Master Crystal / Earth Healer - Exceptional Amplifier of Crystals / Meditation: Stills the Mind - Boosts Healing / Assists with Astral Travel / Used by Madagascar Shamans in Weather Magic / Unlocks and Clears Blockages - Never needs to be Cleared or Charged - Cleanses, Activates and Powers All Chakras

RHODOCHROSITE - ArchAngels Auriel, Chamuel Tzaphkiel, Sumerian Goddess Nisaba, Ascended Master Lady Nada - Stone of Compassion - Emotional Healing thru Kind and Gentle Self Reflection - Self Love - Forgiveness - Encourages Release of that which no longer Serves - Heavenly Energies - Inspires Action to Reclaim Joy, Initiate Pursuit of Dreams and Expression of Talent, All with a Courageous Heart - Clears Blockages between the Upper and Lower Chakras - Solar Pexus & Heart Chakra

RHODOLITE GARNETArchAngel Raphael - Balances Energies in the Body - Stimulates Kundalini - Enhances Creativity and Manifestation - Talisman - Mental Clarity and Support - Intensifies the Energies of Other Crystals - Strengthens Connections to the Divine Realm - Root, Heart & Crown Chakras

ROSE AURA - Angelic Realm & Guardian Angels - Stone of Unconditional Love and Connection to Divine - Serenity - Peace - Self Love - Unites Third Eye and Crown Chakras

ROSE QUARTZ - ArchAngel Ariel & Haniel, Kwan Yen, Master Hilarion - Stone of Unconditional Love, "Love Stone" "Heart Stone" Forgiveness, Compassion & Tolerance.  Brings Deep Healing, Self Love.  Inner Peace & Harmony.  Removes Fears, Resentments & Anger.  Benefits the heart.  Profound Amplifier of Romantic Love.  Purifies & Opens the Heart - Heart Chakra

RUBY - ArchAngel Uriel, Lady Nada, Buddha, Krishna - Stone of Abundance & Wealth / Protective Shield against Psychic Attack - Light in the Darkness of your Life - Follow Your Bliss Stone - Grounding - Blood Stone - Increases Vitality & CHI / Kundalini Energy - Increases Concentration & Motivation - Promotes a Clear Mind, Removes Negativity from One's Path - Encourages Passion / Root & Heart Chakras

RUBY ZOISITE - ArchAngel Uriel, Lady Nada, Buddha, Krishna - Stone of Happiness - Excellent Stone of Energy - Passion, Motivation, Accomplishments - Powerful Sheild against Psychic Attack - Clear Vision, Powerful Dreams - Pineal Gland - Abundance, Wealth - Strengthens Abilities in Times of Stress - Detoxifies Blood - Base & Heart Chakras

RUTILATED QUARTZ - ArchAngel Uriel, Jophiel -  Illuminator of the Soul - Intensifies Properties of the Host Crystal -  Cleanses & Energies the Aura - Draws of Negative Energy and Disease, Letting Go of the Past - Protects Against Negative Energies, Unwanted Psychic and Magical Interference - Promotes Forgiveness - Stimulates Cell Regeneration - Enhances Understanding of Difficult Situations, Meditation, Spiritual Communications, Dream Work - Sun Energy

SELENITE - ArchAngel Gabriel, Ganesh - An Ancient Stone.  Link to Light Body - helping Anchor to Earth.  One of the most Powerful Stones for New Earth.  Carries Imprint of all that has happened in the World.  Excellent for Meditation, Spiritual Work.  Placed in Home - Brings Peace. Neutralizes Mercury Poisoning Very Fine Vibration - Opening Crown & Higher Chakras 

SHUNGITE - Northwest Russia - Stone of Life - Unique Crystal Lattice Purifies, Heals, Protects, Restores and Stimulates Growth - Natural Antioxidant / Suppresses Allergies - Neutralizes EMF's, BioFields & Geo-pathic Stress - Base Chakra

SMOKY CITRINE - ArchAngel Raphael - Rare - Stone of Expansion - Enhances Metaphysical Abilities, Grounding them in everyday function - Removes Blockages from Spiritual Path - Clears Beliefs and Thought Forms that keep poverty consciousness active - Purifies the etheric blueprint - Does not hold negative energy, no need to clear - Aligns Earth Chakra with Solar Plexus

SMOKY QUARTZ - ArchAngel Jophiel - Stone of Serenity & Grounding - Links Higher Self - Mediumship - Uncovers Wisdom - Aligns Meridians of Physical & Etherical - Brings Abundance, Prosperity & Luck - Balances Mind & Energy - Initiates a Powerful Force Field - Transforms Negativity & Grief - Root & Solar Plexus Chakras

SODALITE - Stone of the Creatives - Intelligence, Objectivity, Intuition, Clarity - Truth - Self Trust - Self Esteem - Clears EMF Smog - Group Unity - Throat & Third Eye Chakra

STAUROLITE - Faires & Elementals - Fairy Stone, Fairy Cross - Enhances Communication with Elementals & the Natural World - Talisman of Transformation & Luck - Earth Accentuating - Wood Energy - Grounding, Calming, Protection 

STONEHENGE BLUESTONE - Stone of Ancient Monoliths at Stonehenge - from Preseli Mountains in Wales -Mystical Energy of Merlin & Magic/Connections to Egypt/Enhances Psychic Gifts/Stimulates Willpower/Inspires Courage/Heart, Throat, Solar Plexus Chakras

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ - Ascended Master Paul the Venetian - Stone of Happiness and JoyBalance to Psyche, Emotions & Subtle Energy Bodies - Teaches Love is in All Moments - Heart Centering - Helps Access HiddenKnowledge - Dream Recall - Facilitates the Flow of Divine Love - Carries All the Properties of Quartz - Heart Chakra

STIBNITE - Energy of the Wolf -  Unites Root, Sacra, Soma and Solar Plexus Chakras forming a perfect holding place - Protection in Soul Journeying - Releases Entity Possession & Negative Energy - Separates Pure from Impure - Assists in Standing your Ground - Wisely used can Attract your Desires Provided they Align with Your Highest Good.

SUGILITE - ArchAngel Michael - Spiritual Wisdom Stone, Opens Mind to Higher Influences.  So Full of Energy - never needs to be charged.  Enhances Belief in Ourselves.  Powerful Channeling Stone.  Strengthens Heart.  All Chakras

SUNSTONE OF OREGON - Stone of Leadership, Luck & Abundance,  Increases Personal Power Will & Life Force.  Attunes One with Animal + Spirit Guides, Brings Sunlight Energy, Sacral Chakra

SUPER SEVEN / SACRED SEVEN - (Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite & Lepidocrocite)  Mind and Spirit Healing - Spiritually High Vibrations Stone - Shifts Vibratory Level of Gaia, Healing Planetary Grid - Attuned to the Highest Source of Guidance - Activates Spiritual Gifts - Amplifies other Crystals - All Chakras

TANGERINE DREAM LEMURIAN  -  Oneness, Remembering who you really are, Holds a Blessing of Unconditional Love for Mother Earth, Lightworker's Tool, Ideal to Grid for Angelic Contact, Opens Stargate, Anchors Ancient Wisdom into the Present, Emits Pure Love, Provides a Bridge to Higher Frequencies, Energy Work:  Chakra Clearing, Balancing and High Resonance Activation - ALL THAT IS Record Keeper, Rectifies Karmic & Soul Imbalances, Amends Etheric Blueprint to Accommodate Higher Vibrational Needs of the Lightbody, Accelerated Energy Pattern that offers Profound Change & Activates Soul Based Creativity, Crown and Solar Star Chakra

TANGERINE QUARTZ  -  St. Germain, Merlin, Ganesh, Hematite gives Orange Color - Master Healing Stone - Quartz is One of the Most Powerful Healing Stones on the Planet - Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - Expands Etheric Vision - EnhancesEvolution of Inner Self - Brings Balance to Relationships - Stimulates Creativity + Sexuality - Sacral Chakra

GOLDEN TEKTITE - Libyan Gold Tektite - Golden Ray, Manifestation, Psychic Shield, Helpful for Universal Belonging, Access to Ancient Knowledge, Strong Aid for Ascension, Protection, Prosperity, Abundance, Solar Plexus Chakra

TIBETAN DOUBLE TERMINATED QUARTZ - ArchAngels Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Stone of Protection & Purification - Expands the Aura, Raises Vibrations to meet Light Body - Akashic Record Access - Connected to the Wisdom Imbued in the Land of Tibet - Amplifies Shamanic & Energy Work -  Gaia Healing and Harmonizing - Balances All Chakras and Meridians / Placed Between Chakras Aligns and Activates

TIGER'S EYE - ArchAngel Uriel - Increases Wealth & Vitality & Vision - Courage / Passion / Physical Strength - Attracts Money & Luck / Helpful with Stress - Divination / Protection against dark arts - All Lower Chakras:  1st, 2nd, 3rd

TITANIUM FLAME AURA QUARTZ - Stone of Universal Light - Creativity - Releases Energy Blocks - Repairs Auric Field - Infuses Aura with Rainbow Spectrum of Light - Promotes Clairvoyance - Spiritual Attainment in Meditation - Allows for communication with Higher Guides - Kundalini Energy - Protection from Electromagnetic Fields - All Chakras, especially Third Eye, Higher Crown, Etheric & Soma Chakras

TOPAZ - ArchAngel Jophiel, Lord Lanto - Stone of Love & Good Fortune, Promotes Self-Realization, Self Control.  Soothes, Heals, Recharges.  Aligns the Meridians of the Body.  Remarkable Enlightening Stone, Stimulates Spiritual Awareness & Purifies Feelings + Emotions - Clear = Spiritual Awareness

TOURMALINE - Enhances Understanding, Increases Self-Confidence, Amplifies Psychic Energies.  Neutralizes Negative Energies, Fear, Grief.  Stone for Communication with Higher Forces.

Black Tourmaline:  Kuthumi - Grounds, Protects, Absorbs negativity

Green Tourmaline:  Kwan Yen , Master Hilarion - Draws Money, Success & Creativity

Pink Tourmaline:  ArchAngel Chamuel - Draws Love + Friendship

Watermelon Tourmaline:  ArchAngel Metatron -Balances Male & Female, Connecting with Nature Spirits, Attracts Love, Infuses Relationships with Joy and Divine Love,  Heart Chakra

TURQUOISE - ArchAngel Sandalphon - Stone of Purification, Master Healer Stone, Connects Sky (Heaven) to Earth.  Promotes Honest, Clear Communication from the Heart, Inner Calm, Brings Abundance, Protects against pollution, Self Realization, Friendship & Romantic Love, Throat Chakra & Balances All Chakras