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"There’s another thing too. Now this is in the energy world. This is totally in the

energy field world, orgonite,  so orgonite pyramids. Orgonite is a way of battling

mold. Some people believe that this is just total crap and total bull and all that, but

Spirit tells me this is effective. !

 And orgonite pyramids are these little pyramid-shaped molds, not like the mold,

but like the casing. And they’re rigged in a way to disarm mold. But you won’t

really see that so much as people are talking about that. Instead of they talk about

disarming mold, they disarm frequencies. They kill negative frequencies, like

negative energy I mean. So once they get the negative energy and they make it,

they turn energy into positive energy, negative energy into positive energy. That’s

what these pyramids are for. !

 And they change how people feel. They change the environment, air and the

environment, the feeling of the environment. But what I like about them is the

Spirit told me that these handle mold. It disarms mold. So it kills the mold

frequency. !

 So you have to understand something. Mold runs on a frequency. That’s what it

does. It runs on a frequency, a disruptive frequency. And when you use these little

orgonite pyramids, what you do is you get one, you have it in your house, you get

two of them, have them in different parts of your house. And you put your hand on

them for a moment and you get connected to them and then you let them admit

that frequency that destroys anything chaotic like mold, anything that’s toxic like

mold. So that’s an option too.!

 And why I like this option is because when you’re trapped in mold and you don’t

have the resources to do anything about it, we need strategies. We need

strategies, we need options. So that is a strategy, that is an option so we don’t

have to feel taken over, so we don’t have to feel trapped by mold and living in mold. 

It really is effective. So that’s one thing that you can do.!"

Episode 013 Mold: The Crazy Maker - October 23, 2020

Minutes 53:43 - 55:03

"Let's talk about the orgonite pyramid.  Another tool for mold.  Mold runs on a frequency that it's adapted to.  Cell tower signals, radio signals, EMF, power plants, power stations.  I would not recommend doing this, you don't want to get too close to that kind of power.  It disrupts cells in the body.  

Orgonite pyramids disrupt these frequencies so that mold spores can't easily receive them.  It helps to disengage mold spores ability to resonate, vibrate, in the harmon mold spores like.  It those mold off, weakens it, disarms it when it's floating in the air.  There are orgonite pyramids, towers necklaces: choose something that calls to you. If it calls out to you then it was made for you.  The orgonite pyramids and necklaces have to have copper inside of them.  The coper confuses the frequency between the mold spore and the source that's emitting it.  Keep in mind the goal with healing from mold sickness is really a goal to reduce a viral or bacterial load in the body that's causing he more serious symptoms and conditions.  Mold is just a trigger.  The more mold, the bigger the trigger."