Sacred Symbols & Deities


Sacred Symbols & Deities

ANKH - AnkhuEgyptian Key of Life - Ankh translates to "life" or "breath of life." According to some Egyptologists, the Ankh, in the form of the key, symbolized the path of the sun from sunrise to sunset. Considered the key to eternal life, was a symbol of passage, possibly from this life to the next.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Leader of All Angels - Truth - Protection - Military Guardian - First Prince

AWEN - Druidic - The Three Rays of Light Neo-Druidic symbol of balance - Love, Wisdom, Truth - Nature, Knowledge, Truth - Mind, Body, Spirit - Man, Woman, Balance


BUDDHA - (Sanskrit: "Awakened One") - (Sanskrit Clan Name: Guatama") - (Sanskrit Personal Name: "Siddartha")  Born in 6th - 4th Century BC in what is now Nepal, he was the founder of Buddhism.


BUDDHA'S WHEEL OF DHARMA - Sanskrit: dharmachakra - A Dharma wheel has 3 basic parts:

*Round shape of the wheel -  representing perfection of the Buddha's teachings

*Rim of the wheel - representing meditative concentration and mindfulness

*8 Spokes -  Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration


CELTIC KNOT - Trinity Knot, Celtic Triangle, Divine Feminine - Three interlocked loops, creating the intersection of three circles. There is no beginning and no end. The circle around it symbolizes protection; something that can not be broken.  Protection - Infinite - Eternity, Mind - Body - Soul, Past - Present - Future, Thought - Feeling - Emotion, Father/Mother - Son/Daughter - Holy Ghost, Life - Death - Rebirth

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS - Infinity Symbol (John Wallis, 1650) Unending - Boundless - Limitless - Eternal Continuation  / Double Infinity = Boundless in All directions & All ways Beyond Consciousness

FLOWER OF LIFE - 13 Circles - Contains one of the most sacred and important patterns of creation in the Universe. Everything is made from the Creator's thought. Within the Flower of Life is the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, Metatron's Cube and the Holy Trinity.


GANESHA - Ganesh / Ganapati - The Elephant-headed Hindu God of Beginning - Ganesh means "Lord of the People" - Known as the remover of obstacles, he is the patron of intellectuals, scribes, authors and bankers.


GNOSA - Karuna Reiki Symbol - Mystical & Spiritual Knowledge Clears the mind and facilitates healing.  Assists in connecting with Higher Self.  Increases awareness and uplifts consciousness, creating a direct connection with God.


EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS OF HEALING - Authenticated by Patricia Awyan, student and daughter-in-law of the world renowned, Wisdom Keeper, Ad'el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008) and founder of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism.


LAKSHMI - Shri - Hindu Goddess of death and good fortune.  Wife of Vishnu, she is said to have taken different forms in order to be with him in each of his incarnations.  Always depicted as seated on a lotus and holding another blossom in her hand.  Her vehicle is the white owl.  She is greatly revered.


LORD HANUMAN - Hindi - Symbol of Strength & Undivided Devotion to Rama & Selfless Dedication to God.  Considered a living example of the Karma Yogi (whose meditation and devotion are demonstrated through hard work or service). - He brings Calmness & Strength and was born through the divine force of the breeze.


METATRON'S CUBE - ArchAngelic - Metatron's Cube is a sacred symbol that forms a map of Creation.  The field of Source energy represented by Metatron's Cube permeates through every level, through every aspect of Creation. As the original spark of LOVE of Source expands in all directions of time and space, God IS the energy waves, God is the colour, God is the sound and God is the physical matter. God is the entire field of Love.


OM - Hindu - First Breath of Creation, the vibration of existence.  The sound of the Infinite. Connects Man, God and the Universe. Life Giving Force / Light. Past Present and Future included in one Sound.  Waking State, Dream State, Deep Sleep State


SRI YANTRA - Buddist - Sri Yantra, also called Sri Chakra, is a 2 dimensional symbol of the 3 dimensional form representing Mount Meru, the cosmic mountain at the center of the universe and the unity of the cosmos.   It is known to usher in peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune.  The Sri Yantra in a 3 dimensional form is a multi pyramid triangular grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers. The five downward pointing triangles represent the Shakti (female), and the four upright triangles represent Shiva (male).  The nine interlocking triangles form 43 small triangles each associated with a particular aspect of existence. 


STAR NATIONS - Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus - Sacred symbols given on the Spring Equinox of 2018 from the four Star Nation Constellations.

SUN - Annunaki/Sumerian/Ananaki/Assyrian/Babylonian - Creation - Light - Initial Activation - Cosmic Power - Seasons - Direction - Solar Plexus Chakra

TIBETAN DOUBLE DORJE - Vajra, Visswa - A Dorje is the symbol of indestructible hardness and brilliance like a diamond which cannot be cut of broken.  It represents the impenetrable, immovable and indestructible state of Enlightenment or Nirvana, giving protection form evil.  A double Dorje (two connected forming a cross) embodies the foundation of the physical world and particular Tantric Deities.


TRISKELION / TRISKELE - Irish / Celtic / Tri Spiral - Regarded as one of the oldest Celtic / Irish symbols in existence, the Triskelion represents three worlds; the celestial, the spiritual and the physical -  the past, present, future - the creation, protection, destruction cycles and/or life, death, rebirth. Within the symbol are both stillness and action (trust and response) revealing a harmonious balance of conscious engagement for both the passive and the action in creation.