Sacred Egyptian Chakra Oil Set from the foothills of the Healing Saqqara Step Pyramid- 2

Image of Sacred Egyptian Chakra Oil Set from the foothills of the Healing Saqqara Step Pyramid- 2

SACRED EGYPTIAN CHAKRA OILS - Created in the foothills of the Saqqara Pyramid Complex, known as an ancient center of sound healing.
5ml Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles, information sheet & wooden display.


The Root, Ground or Base Chakra is our connection to planet Earth and to the contrasts of life. RED AMBER OIL is used to communicate between the material, emotional, and mental levels. It encourages acceptance (letting things go), self love, freedom and DIVINE LOVE. RED AMBER OIL offers vision, knowledge and wisdom for ourselves and others. This may manifest as sympathy, appreciation, love and helpful action.

The Sacral Chakra is the center of power, repsonsible for physical maitenance and food assimilation. It receives energy from both the Earth and the Sun. When aligned, acceptance, understanding, accountability & peace express. When in discord fear, fault, insecurity, and disturbance dominate. MUSK OIL encourages peace within the family, the generations and between mother and child. It is excellent for healing the skin. Long ago this oil was derived from the Gazelle. For the last 2000 years it has been plant based grown in India.

This is the I AM Chakra. YASMIN OIL encourages self-confidence, trust and belief in ourselves. In order to reach levels of higher consciousness, a strong, centered balance and grounding within ourselves is essential. YASMIN OIL connects us with our higher self and hamonizes all higher chakras (throat, 3rd eye, crown). It is a great equalizer between the sexual/physical and the higher energies. It is excellent at clearing the stomach area of sadness and upset as well protection from negative influences.

ROSE OIL is The Master Oil, and the Heart Chakra is the Center of Love. It is important to be both heart-centered and master our own emotions. Clarity on whether emotions belong to or another is essential in navigating our sovereignty. This oil allows forgiveness and offers the power to start again. It calms nervousness and gives a loving understanding to situations. When balanced this chakra expresses love and peace. When out of balance it can become self punishing or welcome punishment from others.

The Throat Chakra governs our expression. AMBER CASHMERE OIL calms fears around self-expression or communication. It encourages belief in self, self confidence, self worth and sharing one’s truth. In Ancient Egypt words were very important. Sound was revered as a force of creation. Speaking or singing was understood as a building of sonar fields fused within universal wave patterns.
This oil is derived from Libya.

The Third Eye Chakra rules our inner sight. When completely open the Akasha-Chronic which shows “all that has ever been” can be read clearly. SANDALWOOD OIL is very good for meditation and opening this chakra for clear sight. Harmony between all the Chakras is vital for any successful endeavor to activate the Third Eye Chakra. This activation should be done with extreme care.
This oil is good for balancing mental irritation, concentration and clear decision making. It stimulates the immune system, smooths out fear, sadness and melancholy.

The Crown Chakra is our connection and communication with the higher consciousness levels. LOTUS OIL clears the Crown Chakra, stimulating one’s spiritual connection. In ancient Egypt this oil was used in the temples to lead Kings, Queens and Priests to receive universal energy for the creation of new worlds. This oil influences All Chakras in a positive way and is especially useful in mediation

Pure Sacred Egyptian Oils blended with high grade Egyptian Jojoba Oils from 6 provinces
Sheikh Zuid, North Sinai Governorate (B1);
Sarabium, Ismailia Governorate (B2)
Wadi Natrun, Behara Governorate (B3))
Valley Asiouty, Assiut Governorate (B4)
Siwa Oasis, Matrouh Governorate (B5)
Arab Beny Ghalb Region, Assiyut Governorate (B6)) of Egypt.