Large:Brazilian Quartz/Peridot/Pearl/Aventurine/English Jet/Golden Mica/Flower Of Life/Gd - 2

Image of Large:Brazilian Quartz/Peridot/Pearl/Aventurine/English Jet/Golden Mica/Flower Of Life/Gd - 2


Large: 4.5" x 4.5" x 4"high

BRAZILIAN QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone, One of the most Powerful & Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet. Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - including Environmental. Surgical Precision as far as Energy - Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes. Stimulates Immune System. All Chakras

PERIDOT - ArchAngel Raziel, Raphael, Sabrael & Zadkiel, Lakshmi, Pele - Stone of Healing & Vitality - Increases Patience, Confidence, Assertiveness - Slows the Aging Process - Stimulates the Mind - Visionary Stone - Connects to One's Destiny - Deepens Understanding of Purpose - Clears the Heart - Releases Ego - Enhances Sense of Peace and Quiet - Amplifies Intuitive Awareness - Alleviates Negative Emotions - Especially Good for Healing the Healers - Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras

PEARL - ArchAngel Gabriel - Connects One with the Goddess / Divine Feminine. Balances Emotions, Promotes Faith, Charity & Integrity. Absorbs Negativity. Heals All Chakras

AVENTURINE - ArchAngel Raphael , Ganesh, Kwan Yen, Devic Kingdom - Stone of Luck! - Stone of Manifesting Prosperity and Wealth - Creativity, Motivation, Perseverance - Assists in Releasing that which no longer Serves - Leadership - Calms Emotions - Positive Effect of Psyche - Brings Opportunity, Adventure, Fun & Humor - Heart Chakra

JET - Elementals - Stone of the Old Soul - Talisman of Stone Age - Protection on All Levels - Inner Strength - Luck - Stimulates Kundalini - Assists with Stewardship of One's Own Life - Root Chakra

MICA/GOLDEN MICA - Reflection & Self Awareness - Improves Vision and Clarity of Mysticism - Gently Increases Psychic Abilities - Protects against negativity - Balances Earth Energies - Helps with Insomnia, Concentration and Memory - Sun Energy - Stabilizing Energy - Mental Clarity + Willpower - Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

HFF: High Frequency Formula consisting of: Sacred Sites Earth, Radionic Rock, Christ Consciousness Water and Sacred Egyptian Oil

FLOWER OF LIFE - 13 Circles - Contains one of the most sacred and important patterns of creation in the Universe. Everything is made from the Creator's thought. Within the Flower of Life is the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, Metatron's Cube and the Holy Trinity.