28mm Sterling Silver: Giza Brazilian Quartz/Ankh/SL - SS1-1

Image of 28mm Sterling Silver:  Giza Brazilian Quartz/Ankh/SL - SS1-1


0.216 oz. / 6.12 g

BRAZILIAN QUARTZ CLEARED AND CHARGED IN EGYPT - Carrying the Energies of GIZA's King and Queen's Chambers, the Sphinx, the Step Pyramid of Saqqara and Stargate Abo Ghurab

BRAZILIAN QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone, One of the most Powerful & Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet. Surgical Precision as far as Energy. Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - including Environmental. Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes. Stimulates Immune System. All Chakras

ANKH - Ankhu - Egyptian Key of Life - Ankh translates to "life" or "breath of life." According to some Egyptologists, the Ankh, in the form of the key, symbolized the path of the sun from sunrise to sunset. Considered the key to eternal life, was a symbol of passage, possibly from this life to the next.

Includes a velvet pouch and domestic shipping