Small: Brazilian Quartz/Golden Mica/StarNations Disk/Gd/Amber-3

Image of Small: Brazilian Quartz/Golden Mica/StarNations Disk/Gd/Amber-3

Small: 2" x 2" x 1.75"high

BRAZILIAN QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone, Said to be the Most Powerful & Energetic healing Stone on the Planet. Surgical Precision as far as Energy. Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - including Environmental. Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes. Stimulates Immune System. All Chakras

MICA/GOLDEN MICA - Reflection & Self Awareness - Improves Vision and Clarity of Mysticism - Gently Increases Psychic Abilities - Protects against negativity - Balances Earth Energies - Helps with Insomnia, Concentration and Memory - Sun Energy - Mental Clarity + Willpower - Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

STAR NATIONS - Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus
Sacred symbols given during meditation in the Medicine Wheel at Eceti Ranch, Trout Lake, Washington over the Spring Equinox 2018 from the Star Nation Constellations to assist humanity with upcoming ascension and earth changes.