28mm STERLING SILVER: Aqua Aura/Madagascar Apatite/SL-SS18

Image of 28mm STERLING SILVER:  Aqua Aura/Madagascar Apatite/SL-SS18

0.216 oz. / 6.12 g

NOTE: Little Gold Leaf between 1 and 2 o'clock!

AQUA AURA - Quartz/Gold/Aqua Marine - ArchAngel Raziel - Stone of Spiritual Elevation - Protection from Psychic Attacks & Other Drains - Activates Soul Energy - Stimulates Psychic Gifts - Attracts Wealth & Success Cleans & Heals Aura - Raises Vibration of Humanity - Accentuates Other Stones, Enhances Communication & Self Awareness - Calms Emotions - Connects Higher Chakras to One's Spirit - All Chakras

APATITE - ArchAngel Ariel - Stone of Manifestation - Blue: Connects One to very High Level of Spiritual Guidance - Creates Spiritual State of Unconditional Love - Assists Release of what no longer Serves - Access the Energy Levels of Akashic Records & Soul Patterns, Linked to Appetite Suppression - Throat Chakra

Includes a velvet pouch, leather cord and domestic shipping