22mm: Citrine/OM/Gd - 109-1

Image of 22mm:  Citrine/OM/Gd - 109-1


22mm (.87") Raw Brass

CITRINE - ArchAngel Raphael, Sekhmet - One of only two minerals on the Planet which does not hold or accumulate negative Energy, but dispels and Transforms it. Brings Happiness, Personal Power, Creativity, Discipline, Will Power, Self Confidence. Light Citrine is Sun Energy - Good in Winter. Lucky Stone for Wealth & Abundance, Especially good for starting a new business. Prepares the Body, emotions & Mind to Release what No Longer serves & Move into Next higher State. 2nd Chakra

OM - Hindu - First Breath of Creation, the vibration of existence. The sound of the Infinite. Connects Man, God and the Universe. Life Giving Force / Light. Past Present and Future included in one Sound. Waking State, Dream State, Deep Sleep State