Large: Smoky Elestial/Moldavite/Peridot/Raw Emerald/Fuchsite/Flower of Life Disk/Gd/Amber

Image of Large:  Smoky Elestial/Moldavite/Peridot/Raw Emerald/Fuchsite/Flower of Life Disk/Gd/Amber

Large: 4.5" x 4.5" x 4"high

SMOKY ELESTIAL QUARTZ - Soul Path Stone, Links to Divine and Higher Planes, Opens Metaphysical Gifts, Extreme High Vibration Stone for Spiritual Evolution, Facilitates Karmic Release Causing Core Soul Healing, Emotional Catalyst - Soul Star & High Crown Chakras - Outstanding Purifier - Pulls negativity out of Environment and Self Replacing it with Protective, Vibrant Light - Reduces Geopathic Stress, Excellent for Gridding

EMERALD - Master Hilarion, Goddess Venus - Stone of Love, Romance & Great Harmony -Brings Joy, Cleansing, Clairvoyance, Memory & Faith - Symbol of Hope - Stone of Prophecy - Intuition, Communication, Truthfulness - Faithfulness - Imparts Wisdom - Heart Chakra

MOLDAVITE - Gaia, Persphone - Stone of Intense Frequency and Vibration, Cosmic Consciousness - Expansion Inner Journeys - Dimensional Travel Channeling - Crystal Consciousness Enhances Psychic Gifts - Kundalini - Contact with Spirit Guides - Deep Peace - Heart, Third Eye, Crown Chakras

PERIDOT - ArchAngel Raziel - Stone of Healing & Vitality - Increases Patience, Confidence, Assertiveness - Slows the Aging Process - Stimulates the Mind - Visionary Stone - Connects to One's Destiny - Deepens Understanding of Purpose - Clears the Heart - Releases Ego - Enhances Sense of Peace and Quiet - Amplifies Intuitive Awareness - Alleviates Negative Emotions - Especially Good for Healing the Healers - Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras

FUCHSITE - The Healer's Stone. Used by Ancient Healers & Shamans. Ensures Healer Will Not Surrogate the Responsibility of Other's Healing. Channels Information on Holistic & Herbal remedies. Increases energy of Other Crystals, Radiant Energy Aids in Accessing Information from the Universal Mind - via Intuition. Heart & Throat Chakra