Medium: Moldavite/Pyrite/Elite Shungite Crystal/Raw Smoky Citrine/Gd-1

Image of Medium:  Moldavite/Pyrite/Elite Shungite Crystal/Raw Smoky Citrine/Gd-1

Medium: 3" x 3" x 2.75"high

MOLDAVITE - Gaia, Persphone - Stone of Intense Frequency and Vibration, Cosmic Consciousness - Expansion Inner Journeys - Dimensional Travel Channeling - Crystal Consciousness Enhances Psychic Gifts - Kundalini - Contact with Spirit Guides - Deep Peace - Heart, Third Eye, Crown Chakras

PYRITE - Stone of Earth & Fire Energies, Promotes Honest Communication. Emotional & Physical Protection. Self Confidence. Stone of Wealth Magic & Assisting Manifestation. Shield-Stone. Root Chakra

SHUNGITE - Northwest Russia - Stone of Life - Unique Crystal Lattice Purifies, Heals, Protects, Restores and Stimulates Growth - Natural Antioxidant / Suppresses Allergies - Neutralizes EMF's, BioFields & Geo-pathic Stress - Base Chakra

SMOKY CITRINE - ArchAngel Raphael - Rare - Stone of Expansion - Enhances Metaphysical Abilities, Grounding them in Everyday Function - Removes Blockages from Spiritual Paths - Clears Beliefs and Thought Forms that keep poverty consciousness active - Purifies the Etheric Blueprint - Does not Hold Negative Energy - No need to Clear - Aligns Earth Chakra with Solar Plexus