Large: Titanium Flame Aura/Merlin's Chalcopyrite/Amethyst/Lepidolite/Flower of Life/Gd - 3

Image of Large:  Titanium Flame Aura/Merlin's Chalcopyrite/Amethyst/Lepidolite/Flower of Life/Gd - 3


Large: 4.5" x 4.5" x 4"high

TITANIUM FLAME AURA QUARTZ - Stone of Universal Light - Creativity - Releases Energy Blocks - Repairs Auric Field - Infuses Aura with Rainbow Spectrum of Light - Promotes Clairvoyance - Spiritual Attainment in Meditation - Allows for communication with Higher Guides - Kundalini Energy - Protection from Electromagnetic Fields - All Chakras, especially Third Eye, Higher Crown, Etheric & Soma Chakras

CHALCOPYRITE / PEACOCK ORE - Master Hilarion, Merlin - Stone of the Mystic. Abundance, Joy, Happiness, Self Confidence. Gain Deeper Spiritual Understanding, Excellent for Meditation, Assists in Right Action. DNA Repair, Protection of Healers. Strong Healing for Physical Body. Third Eye Chakra, Clears Blockages at Crown Chakra

AMETHYST - ArchAngels Azrael & Jeremiel, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Kuthumi - Stone of Protection/Spirituality/Contentment, Quickens the Mind, Cleansing, Healing, Calming, Bringer of Peace, Transformation, Known as the Stone of Change, Breaks up old Thought & Assists in Psychic Openings, Inner Strength, Increases Psychic Powers, Detoxification, Sixth & Seventh Chakra

LEPIDOLITE - Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm - Stone of Transition, Highest Good, Aids in Shamanic & Spiritual Journeying, Akashic Record Access, Hope in Dark Times - Dream Recall, Restructures DNA, Facilitates Astral Travel, Stress Reduction, Self Sovereignty, Dispenses negativity, Must be Used for Highest Good - Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

HFF: High Frequency Formula consisting of: Sacred Sites Earth, Radionic Rock, Christ Consciousness Water and Sacred Egyptian Oil

FLOWER OF LIFE - 13 Circles - Contains one of the most sacred and important patterns of creation in the Universe. Everything is made from the Creator's thought. Within the Flower of Life is the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, Metatron's Cube and the Holy Trinity.