GIZA: Blue Amethyst/Black Tourmaline/Sodalite/SL/Blue

Image of GIZA:  Blue Amethyst/Black Tourmaline/Sodalite/SL/Blue

GIZA: 8" base x 7" high

BRAZILIAN BLUE (dyed) AMETHYST - ArchAngels Azrael & Jeremiel, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Kuthumi - Stone of Protection/Spirituality/Contentment, Quickens the Mind, Cleansing, Healing, Calming, Bringer of Peace, Transformation, Known as the Stone of Change, Breaks up old Thought & Assists in Psychic Openings, Inner Strength, Increases Psychic Powers, Detoxification, Sixth & Seventh Chakra

BLACK TOURMALINE - Kuthumi - Enhances Understanding - Increases Self-Confidence, Amplifies Psychic Energies, Neutralizes Negative Energies, Fear, Grief - Stone for Communication with Higher Forces, Grounds, Protects, Absorbs Negativity

SODALITE - Stone of the Creatives - Intelligence, Objectivity, Intuition, Clarity - Truth - Self Trust - Self Esteem - Clears EMF Smog - Group Unity - Throat & Third Eye Chakra