43mm: Pink Lemurian/Pink Kunzite/Arkansas Quartz/Flower of Life/SL-12

Image of 43mm:  Pink Lemurian/Pink Kunzite/Arkansas Quartz/Flower of Life/SL-12

43mm: 1.7" Silver Plated Brass

Please consider coating the back of the pendant with clear nail polish if worn against the skin as acidic skin can eat away at the plating.

PINK SACRED LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTAL - Stone of the Pink Flame - Attuned to Unconditional & Compassionate Love- Assists in Removing Emotional Karma + Debris in Heart Chakra & Emotional Body- Dissolves lower Heart-Energy imprints for Lemuria or Atlantis - Emotional Independence - Purifies Vibrational State to Bring in Universal Love- Activates LightBody Heart Chakra

KUNZITE - ArchAngels Raphael & Michael, St Germain, Master Hilarion - High Spiritual & High Vibrational Stone - Awakens Heart to Unconditional Love - Centering Stone - Radiates Peace - Encourages Humility & Service - Protection - Dispels negativity - Shields Aura from Negative thoughts and entities - Clears Emotional Debris - Blocks Geo-pathic Stress, Including cellphone radiation - Activates Heart Chakra and Aligns it with Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras

ARKANSAS QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Merlin, Kuthumi, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone - Arkansas Crystals are known around the World for their Steady, Powerful Energy - Potent, Robust, Consistent / Absorbs Stores, Releases & regulates Energy - Draws off all kinds of negative Energy - Including Environmental - Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes - Stimulates Immune System / All Chakras

Includes a leather cord and velvet pouch