31mm: Sacred Lemurian/Emerald/Obsidian/Black Touramline/24K Gold/Flower of Life/Gd-41

Image of 31mm:  Sacred Lemurian/Emerald/Obsidian/Black Touramline/24K Gold/Flower of Life/Gd-41

31mm (1.2") Raw Brass

24 Karat Gold

LEMURIAN (Sacred Lemurian) SEED CRYSTAL - Master Crystal - Stone of Oneness, Remembering Who You Really Are, Provides a Bridge to Higher frequencies, Emits Pure Love, Universal Life Force, Enhances Intuition, Energy Work, Chakra Clearing & Clearing of Energy Blockages, Aids Spiritual Evolution, Angelic Realm, Record Keeper, Crown & Solar Star Chakra

OBSIDIAN - ArchAngel Uriel - Stone of Limitlessness, Truth Enhancing - Merciless in Illumination of Flaws, Weakness, and Imbalances - Protecting - Grounding - Blocks Negativity and Geo-Pathic Stress - Stimulates and Urges Growth on All Levels - Extremely Powerful + Can Be Overwhelming - Handle with Care

BLACK TOURMALINE - Kuthumi - Talisman of Protection - Psychic Shield - Shamanic Stone of Protection in Ritual - Grounding - Enhances Understanding - Increases Self-Confidence, Amplifies Psychic Energies, Neutralizes Negative Energies, Fear, Grief - Stone for Communication with Higher Forces - Absorbs Negativity - Aligns Energetic Channels in the Body - Healing - Root Chakra

EMERALD - Sananda, Master Hilarion, Goddess Venus - Stone of Love, Romance & Great Harmony -Brings Joy, Cleansing, Clairvoyance, Memory & Faith - Symbol of Hope - Stone of Prophecy - Intuition, Communication, Truthfulness - Faithfulness - Imparts Wisdom - Heart Chakra

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