31mm: Brazilian Quartz/Rutliated Quartz/Golden Mica/24K Gold/Gd-31-5

Image of 31mm:  Brazilian Quartz/Rutliated Quartz/Golden Mica/24K Gold/Gd-31-5


31mm (1.2") Raw Brass
24 Karat Gold

BRAZILIAN QUARTZ - ArchAngel Michael & Raziel, Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin, Ganesh - Master Healing Stone, One of the most Powerful & Energetic Healing Stones on the Planet. Surgical Precision as far as Energy. Absorbs, Stores, Releases & Regulates Energy - including Environmental. Balances & Revitalizes the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Planes. Stimulates Immune System. All Chakrass

RUTILATED QUARTZ - ArchAngel Uriel, Jophiel - Illuminator of the Soul - Intensifies Properties of the Host Crystal - Cleanses & Energies the Aura - Draws of Negative Energy and Disease, Letting Go of the Past - Protects Against Negative Energies, Unwanted Psychic and Magical Interference - Promotes Forgiveness - Stimulates Cell Regeneration - Enhances Understanding of Difficult Situations, Meditation, Spiritual Communications, Dream Work - Sun Energy

MICA/GOLDEN MICA - Reflection & Self Awareness - Improves Vision and Clarity of Mysticism - Gently Increases Psychic Abilities - Protects against negativity - Balances Earth Energies - Helps with Insomnia, Concentration and Memory - Sun Energy - Mental Clarity + Willpower - Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

METATRON'S CUBE - ArchAngelic - Metatron's Cube is a sacred symbol that forms a map of Creation. The field of Source energy represented by Metatron's Cube permeates through every level, through every aspect of Creation. As the original spark of LOVE of Source expands in all directions of time and space, God IS the energy waves, God is the colour, God is the sound and God is the physical matter. God is the entire field of Love.

Includes domestic shipping & a velvet pouch