Medium: Smoky Citrine/BkTourmaline/Peridot/Garnet/Apatite/Amethyst/Flower of Life Disk/Gd/Red

Image of Medium:  Smoky Citrine/BkTourmaline/Peridot/Garnet/Apatite/Amethyst/Flower of Life Disk/Gd/Red

Medium: 3" x 3" x 2.75"high

SMOKY CITRINE - ArchAngel Raphael - Rare - Stone of Expansion - Enhances Metaphysical Abilities, Grounding them in everyday function - Removes Blockages from Spiritual Path - Clears Beliefs and Thought Forms that keep poverty consciousness active - Purifies the etheric blueprint - Does not hold negative energy, no need to clear - Aligns Earth Chakra with Solar Plexus

BLACK TOURMALINE - Kuthumi - Enhances Understanding - Increases Self-Confidence, Amplifies Psychic Energies, Neutralizes Negative Energies, Fear, Grief - Stone for Communication with Higher Forces, Grounds, Protects, Absorbs Negativity

PERIDOT - ArchAngel Raziel - Stone of Healing & Vitality - Increases Patience, Confidence, Assertiveness - Slows the Aging Process - Stimulates the Mind - Visionary Stone - Connects to One's Destiny - Deepens Understanding of Purpose - Clears the Heart - Releases Ego - Enhances Sense of Peace and Quiet - Amplifies Intuitive Awareness - Alleviates Negative Emotions - Especially Good for Healing the Healers - Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras

GARNET - ArchAngel Raphael - Stone of Passionate Devotion, Wholeness, Healing, Unity. Lucky in Love, Success & Goals

APATITE - ArchAngel Ariel - Stone of Manifestation - Blue: Connects One to very High Level of Spiritual Guidance - Creates Spiritual State of Unconditional Love - Assists Release of what no longer Serves - Access the Energy Levels of Akashic Records & Soul Patterns, Linked to Appetite Suppression - Throat Chakra

AMETHYST - ArchAngel Azrael & Jeremiel, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Kuthumi - Stone of Protection/Spirituality/Contentment, Quickens the Mind, Cleansing, Healing, Calming, Bringer of Peace, Transformation, Known as the Stone of Change, Breaks up old Thought & Assists in Psychic Openings, Inner Strength, Increases Psychic Powers, Detoxification, Sixth & Seventh Chakra